Cellar Spiders, a.k.a. Daddy Long Legs
Family Pholcidae (Cellar Spiders)
Aug 2006
These live all over inside the house, all year, typically in webs made between the floor and the wall. They have tiny bodies and long, hair-like legs. I've found out that these are really "daddly long legs" while the ones I've known by that name are actually called "harvestmen". When I've caught several of these in a cup to release outside, they don't attack each other, unlike some other spiders I've caught.

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DSCF0665.jpg DSCF0668.jpg DSCF0669.jpg DSCF0676.jpg DSCF0679.jpg
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DSCF0683.jpg DSCF0688.jpg DSCF0689.jpg DSCF0690.jpg DSCF0694.jpg