Pair of coreid bug nymphs, possibly Leptoglossus
Family Coreidae (Leaffooted Bugs)
These were hanging out on a leaf of my brugmansia on the side deck. I put an aphid near them, thinking they were assassin bug nymphs, but they ignored it. It was later pointed out to me that the feeding tube of these is longer than the "beak" of assassin nymphs, and the antennae are different as well.

DSCF0813 DSCF0814 DSCF0816 DSCF0817 DSCF0818
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DSCF0819.jpg DSCF0820.jpg DSCF0821.jpg DSCF0824.jpg DSCF0843.jpg

8/22/06 - Went back to check on them today - they're still on the same plant but on a different leaf, still hanging out together.

DSCF0857 DSCF0866
DSCF0857.jpg DSCF0866.jpg