Giant European Hornet
Insect Order Hymenoptera
Family Vespidae
Vespa crabro
June 2004

I left the kitchen one night for two seconds and returned to find this guy on the floor right in front of the stove. This was the hugest hornet I've ever seen! There was no way I could just squish him, so hoping he would stay put, I ran to the living room to grab the cup and card I keep for capturing bugs. I dropped it right over him and then put plastic wrap over the top and took photos before letting him go outside.

giant hornet 1 giant hornet 2 giant hornet 3 giant hornet 4
Giant Hornet 1 Giant Hornet 2 Giant Hornet 3 Giant Hornet 4
giant hornet 5 giant hornet 6 giant hornet 7 giant hornet 8
Giant Hornet 5 Giant Hornet 6 Giant Hornet 7 Giant Hornet 8

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