This list of links is for me, really, since I tend to forget them over time, or end up somewhere where my bookmarks aren't. Maybe you'll find something of interest. One thing you'll definitely find is the insane number of things that interest me.

NOTE: I don't participate in link exchanges. As you can see from this site, I'm not trying to sell anything, so I have nothing to gain. If you want me to push your product, unless I know it and like it already, I won't. If, on the other hand, you have a link you think viewers of this page would honestly benefit from, you can send it on, and I may choose to add it. But as I said above, this page is really just for me, and I don't care if anyone else is using it. These days I don't use it myself, so the effort of adding a link is often more than I feel like dealing with, unless it's really worthy.

How Stuff
So You
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Links to lots of dictionaries
Wikipedia - free content encyclopedia
Probert Encyclopaedia - a British Encyclopedia
allRefer Reference & Encyclopedia Resource
Urban Dictionary
Internet Acronyms Dictionary - conversions of weights and measures
The Original Tipping Page
World Wide Words
Lorem Ipsum Generator & Info
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab

Organisms of All Kinds in Each Site
Study of Northern Virginia Ecology
Forestry Images
Invasive & Exotic Species of North America
Wayne's Word, an On-line Textbook of Natural History

The US Botanic Gardens
Botanical Society of America
Virginia Native Plant Society
Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide
Horticopia Plant Information & Photos
Appalachian Trail Plants & Wildflowers
Littleflower's Medicine of North American Plants
U of PA's Poisonous Plants Site
Poison Ivy, Oak, & Sumac Info Center
Henriette's Plant Photos - A Modern Herbal

Trees's Tree Leaf Key
Tree Encylopedia
Virginia Fall Foliage Report

Logee's Fruiting, Rare & Tropical Plants
Sandy's Plants - Rare & Unusual Perennials
Chesapeake Native Nursery
Camellia Forest

Plants: Orchids
Venamy Orchids Introduction to Orchids
Orchidaceae: A Guide to the Orchid Flower Family
Orchids Online
The Orchid Mall
The American Orchid Society
The National Capitol Orchid Society
The Maryland Orchid Society
The Orchid Photo Page, very nice photos
The Orchid Lady
The Orchid Lady's Illustrated Orchid Encyclopedia
The History & Meaning of Orchids
NC Native Orchids
AnTec Laboratory Ladyslipper Site
The Slipper Orchid Alliance
Al's Orchid Greenhouse
Clown Alley Orchids

Plants: Carnivorous Plants
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ
Carnivorous Plants from BSA
Carnivorous Plant Database
The Carnivorous Plant Photo Finder
International Carnivorous Plant Society
Carnivorous Plant Forum
California Carnivores - plants for sale
Cook's Carnivorous Plants
Botanique Carnivorous and Unusual Plants
Carnivorous Plants & Their Habitats

Plants: Brugmansias & Daturas
American Brugmansia & Datura Society
Brugmansia Growers International
... as Sacred Plants and Medicines
Brugmansia Forum on Dave's Garden
Brugmansia Forum
Beautiful Brugmansias
Maranatha Nursery & Landscape

The Mycological Association of Washington DC
The Mushroom Growers' Newsletter

Outdoor Activities in Virginia & Surrounding Areas
Hiking Ideas for Virginia
Catoctin Mountain Park
Chimney Rock
Little Devil Stairs, Keyser Run, SNP, VA
Sugarloaf Mountain
Shenandoah National Park
Mary's Rock, SNP
NoVA Day Hikes
Old Rag Mountain, Luray, VA
Washington Post's Beach Guide
Guide to Shenandoah National Park & Skyline Drive
Hickory Hill Cabins in WV
Lodging near Canaan Valley, WV
Duckie (inflatable kayak) trips

Travel & Exploration
AllTrails - enter a destination to find out what trails are nearby.
The Ultimate Guide to Hiking and Walking in the UK, including a list of places to do so.
Backpacker Magazine Local Hikes talks about trails near some of the larger metro areas in the US.

Art Online: The Fine Art Directory

Art: Sketch
SketchDaily reference doohickey

Art: Botanical Illustration
American Society of Botanical Artists
The Society of Botanical Artists
The Bone Room

Art: Artists
Alex Grey
Dave McKean
Craig A. Grasso
Shallow Studios

Graphics: Resources
Fotosearch stock photography search
Digital Thread
Creative Pro - Resources for Creative Professionals
Web Pages That Suck

Graphics: 3D
Alias Wavefront's Maya
NewTek's Lightwave
Turbo Squid
CG Trader - Professional 3D Models for sale and free
Blue Sky Studios

Graphics: Fonts
Kiwi Media

Fine Art Giclee

Paper Mart

Steve's Digicams - excellent reviews
Digital Photography Review
B & H Photo, Video & Audio

The Code Project
HTML Goodies

History At Home: A Guide to Genealogy
FamilySearch - The Latter-Day Saints Site
USGenWeb Archives
Ellis Island Immigration Records - Cemetery Records
Family Tree Magazine
Family Tree Searcher
One Great Family
NYC Genealogy - not specific to NYC, this site lists some good genealogy resources.
Surname Web
Catawba Co, WV history

Homestar Runner, particularly Strong Bad's Email
The Oatmeal
Odd Todd's crazy pranks
Interview with Rob Cockerham of
My Cat Hates You
Anomalies Unlimited
Defective Yeti - strange but true news
Caring For Your Introvert
27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand
Wayne's Word - An On-Line Textbook of Natural History
Something Awful
Killfrog Entertainment (beware the pop-up ads)
Odd Todd
The Onion
MILK's Wall O' Shame
Tired of "Nancy" and "Family Circus"? Try some Red Meat...
Heptune's Journal of Lore and Levity
Rude Food
PowerLab's Exploding CDs
Mister Pants
Anguish Languish
The End of The World
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Cardhouse, who seems to be a friend of
An entertaining take on LJ
Of Darwin Fish & Jesus Fish...
Strange things
What's In Scott's Head - Commentary on news & politics
The Cornholio Soundboard
Tucker Max
Man Flogs Wife's Box on eBay

Washington Post 2004 Election

Authors & Books
Neal Stephenson's Official Site
Neal Stephenson's Older Home Page
Neal Stephenson Links
An epinions review of Cryptonomicon
Quicksilver preview
Daniel Quinn

Photos of Vampyroteuthis infernalis
Caterpillar Identification Guide
The Bone Room

The Automotive section got so big I had to give it its own pages:
General Automotive Links
300ZX Links
Sunfire Links

Discogs Electronic Music Database
Music I'm into
Music Technology instrument repair

Bass Tabs
Tool Tabs

Beginner FAQ: The Nitrogen Cycle
The Nitrogen Cycle

Esoteric Stuff
Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica
Enochian Miscellany
North-Node Intro to Astrology
North-Node Intro to the Signs
The Golden Section
The LIX Unit