Carnivorous Plants

I have a collection of carnivorous plants that varies in size from year to year. Since I live in a place with real winter and don't have a greenhouse, there is a limited range of how many kinds I can grow outside. For this reason, most plants in my collection are small enough to fit in an aquarium, except when they climb high enough to poke out the top, at which point I've noticed they stop looking good.

The Collection

cp01 cp_tank
Carnivores Carnivore Tank

Venus Flytraps: Dionaea

flytraps01 flytrap02
Flytraps 1 Flytraps 2

American Pitcher Plants: Sarracenia

sarra_flava purpurea1 purpurea2 purpurea3 mini bog - top
Sarracenia flava S. purpurea 1 S. purpurea 2 S. purpurea 3 Mini bog - top

Mini bog - side S. Judith Hindle S. rubra S. tarnok S. Dana's Delight
Mini bog - side S. Judith Hindle S. rubra S. tarnok S. Dana's Delight

Tropical Pitcher Plants: Nepenthes

n_mad01 n_mad02 n_tall01 n_tall_offshoot1 n_tall_offshoot2
N. madagascariensis 1 N. madagascariensis 2 Nepenthes 1 Nepenthes 1a Nepenthes 1b

nep01 nep04 nep05 nep06 nep07
Nepenthes 2 & N.m. Nepenthes 2 Nepenthes 2a Nepenthes 2b Nepenthes 2c


drosera_sch01 drosera_sch02 drosera_sch03 drosera_sch04 pygmy
Drosera schizanthus 1 Drosera schizanthus 2 Drosera schizanthus 3 Drosera schizanthus 4 Pygmy Sundew

Butterworts: Pinguicula


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