My interest in orchids began in the summer of 1999 with the gift of a plant from my neighbor who grew them, and has grown into a fairly sizable collection, for someone who has lived in a townhouse until very recently. I enjoy taking photos of them, and eventually intend to post those here, but that library has grown very large and is all prints, so that will take some time. In the meantime, I can start this section with this:

Orchids I have known:

Cattleya Alliance
Barkeria spectabilis
Barkeria palmeri
Brassavola nodosa 'Little Stars'
Bl. Mem. Bernice Foster (Bl. Richard Mueller x B. cordata)
Bl. Richard Mueller
Cat. White Bridal 'Brilliant' x Blc. Mem. Helen Brown 'Sweet Afton' AM/AOS
Ctna. 'Why Not'
Epidendrum ciliolare
Epidendrum radiata (aka Encyclia radiata)
Epidendrum pseudoepidendrum
Epicattleya Rene Marquis 'Flamethrower'
Eplc. Don Herman 'Gold Rush'
Iwanagaara Apple Blossom (Dialaelia Snowflake [Diacrium bicornutum x Laelia albida] x Blc. Orange Nugget)
Iwanagaara Apple Blossom (Dialaelia Snowflake [Diacrium bicornutum x Laelia albida] x Blc. Orange Nugget)
Leptotes menina x Leptotes bicolor
Pot. Hoku Gem 'Bright Star' (Bl. Richard Mueller x Slc. Tangerine Jewel)
Pot. Little Toshie 'Yellow Bird' x Blc. Sakurahime
Sl. Pole Star
Slc. Ginny Champion "Prince" (Cattleya Baby Kay X Sophrolaelia Psyche)
Slc. Jewel box "Dark Waters" AM/AOS
Slc. Precious Stones 'Fuku' x Bl. Richard Mueller
Slc. Red Jewel (Slc. Bright Angel x Slc. Tangerine Jewel)
Sophronitis cernua

B --> Brassavola
Bl --> Brassolaelia = Brassavola x Laelia
Blc --> Brassolaeliacattleya = Brassavola x Laelia x Cattleya
Ctna --> Cattleytonia = Cattleya x Miltonia
Eplc --> Epilaeliacattleya = Epidendrum x Laelia x Cattleya
Pot --> Potinara
Sl --> Sophrolaelia = Sophronitis x Laelia
Slc --> Sophrolaeliacattleya = Sophronitis x Laelia x Cattleya

Other Epidendrum Subfamily
Aerangis citrata
Aerangis punctata
Angraecum longiscott 'Lea' AM/AOS
Bletilla striata
Coelogyne cristata

Dendrobium Tribe
Dendrobium Himezakura 'Sanokku'
Dendrobium unknown (tall)
Dendrobium unknown (mini)

Oncidium Alliance
Beallara Marfitch 'Howards Dream' HCC/AOS
Miltonidium Pupukea Sunset
Oncidium Twinkle
Oncidium "Sherry Baby"
Psychopsis papilio

Paph Apple Master x Fremont Peak
Paph barbatum
Paph callosum '#1' x. Paph. maudiae 'Long Life'
Paph delanatii
Paph Flame Dragon x (curtisii x emerald)
Paph hirsutissimum
Paph micranthum
Paph pinnochio
Paph Red Bowl x St. Swithin
Paph spicerianum 'St. Albans' HCC/AOS
Paph urbanianum
Paph venustum x pynureslanum x self

Phrag Appalachian Sunset
Phrag besseae
Phrag Cajanuma Sunset
Phrag ecuadorense
Phrag Eric Young
Phrag Meditation
Phrag Mem. Dick Clements
Phrag Noirmont
Phrag schlimii

Phalaenopsis - Vanda Alliance
Phal Big Cheeks 'Red Face' x Phal Brother Wildcat 'Raspberry Delight'
Phal ember 'East Red'
Phal equestris (['Riverbend' x self]#1 x 'Hillsbrook')
Phal silbergrube x Doritis pulcherrima
Phal Taipei Gold x Phal Salu Spot
Phal violaceae

Pleurothallid Alliance
Masdevallia Angel Tang
Masdevallia erinaceae
Masdevallia Ruby Slippers

Anoechtochilus Alliance
Anoechtochilus yunganensis

Unknown Outdoor Orchids


Currently in my collection

No longer in my collection

Currently in my mother's collection

No longer in my mother's collection

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