Bufo americanus
Spring 1998

It's a toad orgy! These guys were swimming out and piling on as fast as they could. The last photo shows the result - a big sprawl of ropy strands containing eggs.

toads1 toads2 toads3 toads4 toads5
toads 1 toads 2 toads 3 toads 4 toad eggs

28 March 2004

My friend Matt called from the lake behind his house, and I could hardly hear him over the racket of toads in the background - I insisted he go home and get his camera. He obliged, getting these shots and a few seconds of mpeg video with audio (5.9 mb) while hanging precariously from a limb over the lake:

toads04-1 toads04-2 toads04-3 toads04-4 toads04-5
toads04 1 toads04 2 toads04 3 toads04 4 toads04 5
    toads04 6    

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